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IVA Plan

An IVA enables you to write off a propotion of your debt, freeze all interest and charges and also it stops your creditors from chasing you

IVA Debt Write-off

Debts over £4,000? No Problem

Do you owe over £4,000 in debt and unable to keep up with its repayments? No problem, The government insolvency act is designed to help people like yourself to get out of debt by writing-off any debts which you are unable to repay back to a lender.

Debt free in under 60 months

If you start a debt management or IVA procedure you can be debt free in less than 60 months.

Owe money to Lender ?

Do you owe money Lender ? No problem. We can still help you clear your debts by negotiating payment terms with Lender


Total debt must exclude mortgages and/or secured loans
Pay off Variable = debts ::adCenter::

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